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Micro-payments on blocked cards

Micro-payments for blocked cards

This function can be used as a convenient feature to reduce the costs of fees for rejected payments, as well as reduce the decline rate.

As it is known, when trying to withdraw a payment the FB makes up to thirty attempts, which can lead to a commission for rejected payments up to $ 15 ($0.5 for each attempt) and also negatively affects the decline rate index. So, it is reasonable to pay the the FB bills in amount of not less than $15.

How does one enable micro-payments?

This feature is only available for cards with total balance.

When transferring the card to the "Blocked" or "On pause" status in the modal box, one can specify the size of transactions that the system will skip, despite the status of the card. Payments exceeding this amount are to be rejected. Team_owner can set the maximum value of the payment as well as the maximum amount of all payments for the company's cards with total balance in the "company" section.

In the "cards" section, one can filter cards with micro-payments.

In the "payments" section, one can filter such payments.

Moreover, one can enable micro-payments when massively blocking cards or putting them on pause.

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Updated on: 25/07/2023