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Passing KYC

KYC - mandatory verification of customer's personal data.

To pass verification, you will need:

- A valid identity document
- Confirm the user agreement for processing personal data

Documents that are suitable for verification:

Driver's license
ID card
Residence permit

When passing verification, you will need to:

Select the document that will confirm your identity
Upload the document in an expanded form
Take a selfie with the document. You need to use the same document that was uploaded in the previous step

Verification can be done from a mobile device by scanning the QR code from the screen.

After uploading a selfie and a document, you need to wait for the system to verify the data.

If verification is successful, access to the platform will be opened.

Possible reasons for verification rejection:

Low-quality document, processed with a graphic editor or partially visible
Invalid document or expired
Photo in the document and selfie do not match.
Low-quality selfie

If you have difficulties passing verification, contact support chat.

If you cannot pass KYC for some reason, you can access the platform through the onboarding procedure or by recommendation.

Updated on: 23/08/2023